04 December, 2010

NCAA Women's Volleyball: #4 California 3 - North Carolina 0

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watched this match online. freak. announcer = non-announcer. didn't say much. able to watch match in peace. would have been nice for him to at least mention the score.

hottie Carli Lloyd QBed a predictable offense. then again... her hitters attacked and finessed shots off and over opposing block. 1st time this season watching an acc team. not impressed. impressed by Florida State. assumed FSU would win its match against #1 Florida. FSU fell in 5 sets.

Florida is the only 1 out of 6 sec teams that made it into the 3rd round. unlike football... sec team actually has to earn its way into the vball title match. still can't believe NCAA snubbed Oregon. 4 out of 6 Pac-10 teams into 3rd round.

Carli looked purrrty. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency... fly to the mainland... watch her and her girls win the NCAA title.

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