04 December, 2010

NCAA Women's Volleyball: #2 Stanford 3 - #17 Colorado State 0

current song: Kiss by Prince on 93.9 fm Jamz

single released in 1986. UK #1 24 cycles ago... Take My Breath Away by Berlin.

watched match online. freak.

Klineman basically controlled match. hopefully in next round others players step up.

big ten kickin' ass in tournament. 6 teams into 3rd round. possibility of an all big ten national semifinals and final matches.

3 Pac-10/big ten matches next Friday. Pac-10 does appear to be top heavy... big ten deep. after the 1st 2 rounds... Pac-10 1 - big ten 1. at the end of the 3rd round will it be Pac-10 4 - big ten 1?

all Pac-10 teams on right side of bracket. no all Pac-10 final this season.

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