11 December, 2010

NCAA Women's Volleyball: #11 Washington 3 - #3 Nebraska 1

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got to estate... went online... 1st set done. Washington won it 25-16. whew. announcers mentioned UW had 13 kills vs 1 error... hit 571. damn. compared to Nebraska w/ 11 kills and 7 errors.

2nd set... began w/ 2 UW blocks. awesome. Nebraska passing errors helped Washington build early lead. Becky Perry also attacked w/ authoritay. lots of Nebraska fans in stands. then lots of Washington service errors... free points for Nebraska. basically... what the frell happened in 2nd set? Washington only had to side out to win set. frell.

3rd set... announcer mentioned Washington had 5 service errors in 2nd set. noticed that when I watched match... Nebraska ahead... felt like shittin' in my shorts. decided to hang laundry. figured when I checked online... Washington would have already won the 3rd set... which they did.

tried to watch 4th set. I remember UW trailed 10-11. at that point... decided to not watch match and pig out... find out scores later. would rather enjoy eatin' rather than feel like shittin' in my shorts. Washington won match 3 sets to 1. whew.

5th place Pac-10 team defeated big 12 champion. another cycle... another season Nebraska ends its season at the volleyball passing setting killing hands of Pac-10 team.

all Pac-10 teams on right half of bracket. Pac-10 team guaranteed in final match.

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