03 December, 2010

NCAA Women's Volleyball: #11 Washington 3 - #23 Michigan 0

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Michigan playing w/out star player who injured self last weekend. Michigan frelled. then again... Michigan has new look that Washington unprepared for. 1st of 2 Pac-10 big ten matches this weekend. Larry Scott should plan Pac-10/big ten volleyball weekend.

Washington won 1st set. did they really earn it? Michigan had so many service errors. announcers kept gushin' 'bout Michigan setter Lexi Zimmerman. mmmmm. described her as flashy. love her. fast sets forced all her attackers to hit. also very offensive setter. UW QB Hagglund conservative in comparison. 1st set ended w/ Michigan player error... attack into net.

in a point during 2nd set... Michigan hitter attacks... Hagglund goes up to block, her pinky touched antenna... ref believed Michigan player hit ball into antenna... replay show otherwise. announcers mentioned that coaches train athletes this trickery.

Larry Scott should plan Pac-10/big ten volleyball weekend. as of this post... Pac-10 1 - big ten 0.

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