01 December, 2010

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 69 - Cardio 0

current song: Well Well Well by Duffy

last battle of bulge post... boasted cardio victory w/in reach by the end of the cycle. may not be realized. 1 bright spot... cycle to cycle improvement... 69 vs 116 unearned dranks.

also disgusted w/ Spartakiad 8. 5 solar days remain. need to realize 2 sprint quadrathlons. attempts not possible until jellyfish invasion over. also... 135+ miles to exercise my way into London by 12.05.10... may not be realized. another bright spot... averaging 11 miles of exercise... via biking, rowing, running, swimming, volleyball and walking... each solar day.

gettin' lazy cuz of the holidays. lots of unearned dranks... and I love my dranks. either continue to exercise like crazy... cut down on dranks... or combination of both. hmmm... thought of liberal progressive socialists currently controlling the executive and legislative branches who want to extend unemployment benefits. they just want to add to the already high $trillion deficit. fiscal conservatives would extend benefits... provided spending cuts elsewhere. makes sense.

leaner government... like lean body = healthy economy... like diabetes free body. I just realized... most of the liberals I know = non-lean obese diabetes candidates... while fiscal conservatives = lean diabetes free healthy private sector workers.

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