08 November, 2010

Pac-10 Volleyball: #2 California 3 - #10 UCLA 2

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1st time watching Cal play this season. like what I saw. hottie setter Carli Lloyd QBed quick offense. she relied on OH Tarah Murrey a lot. love Carli's back sets. she forced right side hitters to attack. middles got involved later in 5 set match.

I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to watch regional finals live at Seattle. I will win currency to watch NCAA championships live at Kansas City, Missouri. if Cal wins national title... I have visions of me giving Carli an orchid lei and taking a pic w/ her. then she'd be like: hey... you're the freak who took a pic w/ me back in Hawaii against our match against Texas. friend Aria shares the same vision.

Holly McPeak correct in saying that matches between Bay Area and LA schools = mini-final 4. perhaps only other time highly ranked teams play each other over weekend would be in Big Ten.

thought about the Pac-12 football schedule. glad conference decided to let the CA schools play each other annually. if the AZ, OR, and WA schools get to keep their instate rivalries... why not the CA schools? from what I know about Pac-12 vball... 1 weekend of non-conference games will be done away w/. all conference teams will play each other at home and away. will Colorado and Utah be competitive in the conference top to bottom in all sports? who knows? Pac-10 academics should lure top scholar athletes to conference.

awesome match. all these blond goddesses can play vball. Tarah Murrey kicked ass. UCLA hottie Dicey McGraw kicked ass.

UCLA defense = awesome. still believe in mantra offense wins games. announcer Paul Sunderland mentioned 'termination' teams like Cal, #3 Stanford, and #7 USC... where attackers put the ball away. basically... pass, set, kill. anyway... all those teams ahead of UCLA in conference standings.

again... awesome match. 5th set went into OT w/ Cal winning 16-14.

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