20 November, 2010

Pac-10 Football: #7 Stanford 48 - California 14

current song: This Is My Life by Edward Maya

frelled up start to Big Game. Stanford player sucker punched Cal player. ghetto.

highlight = Luck's 58 yard run w/ 5 minutes left in 1st quarter. Cal defender tried to tackle him... Luck absorbs hit... defender fell to ground... Luck continues to run for several more yards. at the end of the 1st half... Stanford ahead 31-0.

watching game... seeing all the cheering brainiac students from both elite academic universities... I'm assuming most of them liberals at this point in their lives. eventually they grow up... become fiscal conservatives.

rivalry week between the 2 rivals. surprised w/ Big Spike. #4 Cal beat #2 Stanford in 4 sets. get to see my honey Carli in action. plan to watch tomorrow's televised match. Bay Area schools host the AZ schools next week. Cal may win its 1st Pac-10 vball title.

Stanford's nationally ranked women's soccer and cross country teams competing for national championships. 1 of them will brang home Stanford's 100th NCAA title.

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