06 November, 2010


current song: Stereo Love by Edward Maya

instead of goin' to bar... watchin' Hawaii take on #2 Boise State... and gettin' slizzard... watched Megamind in 3D.

community 3D glasses fit perfectly over my glasses. no reaction to unknown funk for 3D glasses did not touch my skin.

I be actin' like I drunk. oooohed and aaaahed during previews. 3D pretty cool.

animated film. at one point... I realized reporter Roxanne = mynx. Mega Man likes her... Hal/Tighten likes her... Megamind likes her. Roxanne likes Bernard... Roxanne likes Megamind. I wanted to yell: whore.

OK story.

listened to football game on radio. Boise ahead 21-0.

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