16 November, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Po'ipu

current song: I Remember by Kaskade & deadmau5

$3.259 per gallon for unleaded gas at Costco.

predictable ep. not predictable? character played by hottie Emmanuelle Vaugier... Mia from Two and a Half Men. in 1 scene... about to recreate... she shows off her personalities... takes out a metal wire attached to 2 rings from her bra... uses wire as dental floss around poor horny dude's neck... killing him. rewind. in another scene... she stole ID from poor woman who she stuffed in coffin freezer. I hoped Vaugier would have a recurring role. nope... in her final scene... she gets hit by a trolley. rewind.

hottie Kelly Hu and Max Martini also guest star. I will win the Mega Millions. will win currency to buy kick ass camera to take pics of celebs.

Grace Park hasn't been eatin' her plate lunches w/ mac salad. lollipop. she looked seriously thin in her tight long sleeve outfit.

McGarrett goes off about New Jersey. what's great about NJ? governor Chris Christie... a fiscal conservative we all should pay attention to... see how he balances that state's budget.

aerial shots = awesome. state capitol awesome. only state capitol building w/out a dome... only one not modeled after White House. kick ass.

Hickam = awesome Peacekeeper base.

preview of next week's ep showed what I saw filmed 3 weeks ago at Ala Moana beach parking lot... Crazy Crater Triathlon.

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