12 November, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Mana'o

guest stars include Jason Scott Lee and Bronson Pinchot. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to purchase camera to take pics of celebs.

ep opens w/ kalua pig. boooo! hisss!

national holiday to remember Peacekeepers. national holiday to celebrate police officers or fire fighters? need to look this up.

Grace Park looks healthy in this ep.

modern art = liberal progressive socialist trash.

Bing plug.

Waialua flashed on lower left screen. went to north shore three weeks ago. Laniakea = kick ass. na honu kick ass. gotta go there again.

final scene shot at Ala Moana beach.

remembered the Crazy Crater Triathlon scene... which still has yet to air... filmed also at Ala Moana beach. remembered talkin' to security guys who mentioned Mike Stevens... an up and coming local actor. I wonder if he's the non-lean local dude w/ the Waiola Shave Ice cart in tonight's ep. bruddah needs to fight the diabetes. if he wants to have a long term small screen career... gotta take care of his health.

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