23 November, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Heihei

current song: Katy On A Mission by Katy B

state of frellin' trance
95.9 fm
Monday nights at 10

$3.289 per gallon for unleaded gas at Costco.

non-lean local dude makes an appearance in yet another ep. bruddah needs to fight the diabetes onslaught. greets Dano: how'z my favorite haole? will liberal Hollywood actually use the word popolo in the show?

Grace Park seriously thin. she seriously needs to start eating non-lean local dude's plate lunches during break. they can help each other out... get healthy.

present during parts of triathlon scene filming. recognized some of the triathlete extras I see at the beach. I call them Cylons. they make exercise seem easy.

I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to purchase real estate in Kahala. I will win currency to purchase a swimming tub/aquatrainer.

Side Street plug at the end.

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