01 November, 2010

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 60 - Cardio 0

current song: Stay by Shakespears Sister

pleased. improvement from last month. surprised only earned 4 dranks considering exercise blitzkriege. 1 cycle ago... 116 unearned dranks. huge improvement. only 2 months until the start of the new cycle. if I earn 1 drank each solar day until the end of this cycle... Cardio Victory will be realized.

1st solar day of jellyfish invasion. sightings and stings reported in Waikiki. none at Ala Moana. got my swam on. earned 1 drank.

still plan to go to Ala Moana tomorrow afternoon. gotta wear my Charles Djou shirt and run around the park. hopefully he wins. he and the GOP will bring back fiscal responsibility. disgusted w/ all the state workers. one of my many state worker friends told me that a lot of state co-workers finished work early to sign wave for the democrats. what the frell!?! stimulus currency goes to save union jobs... union workers elect democrats... repeat. disgusting.

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