18 October, 2010

Laniakea Beach

current song: I'm In Love by Alex Gaudino

started solar day by drivin' to Sunny Side in Wahiawa. purchased chocolate pies. have yet to eat a piece. friend Althea bought the fried rice special for $6. fried rice served w/ choice of egg and hot dog. her nieces thought she spent way too much.

stopped off at 7-11 for some spam musubis. mmmmm.

headed off to Matsumoto Shave Ice. Althea treated me. chose green apple syrup. mmmmm.

not so quick stop at Hale'iwa Farmers Market. thought of current administration's anti-business policies. these vendors must be havin' a hard time. OnoPops = interesting. all these funky flavors. Althea bought a mango-habanero lime popsicle. bright yellow looked refreshin' in the heat... but it had a kick... felt burning sensation in throat.

finally arrived at Laniakea. immediately we saw turtle on shore... heading back into Pacific. frellin' awesome. we could see dozens of turtles swimmin' around... surfacing for air. frellin' awesome. we then saw huge turtle making its way to shore. frellin' awesome. huge female. 2nd turtle came to shore. smaller male. frellin' awesome. then 3rd juvenile male came to shore. again... frellin' awesome.

Althea comes back home again in March. definitely gonna go to Laniakea again. next time gonna go swim w/ these gentle... and perhaps delicious... beasts.

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