23 October, 2010

KDrama - Don't Hesitate

current song: Adagio For Strings by Tiesto

people who work on my floor kept talkin' about this drama. hottie Jang Soo Hyun's 1st love Choi Min Young needed liver transplant. she gave him part of hers. after surgery... Soo Hyun went into a coma... 1st love and his family went to America. Min Young married Soo Hyun's best friend... who basically trapped him into marriage by getting preggers. I only watched the final 3rd of 98 eps... starting where Soo Hyun plotted revenge against her 1st love and his family and her former BFF. 1st love's oma... Lee Hye Sook... total seki. from what I watched... drama kept referencing to past events... the two-thirds I did not watch. drama could have easily been told in 20+ eps.

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