12 October, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Lanakila

current song: Perfect Stranger by Magnetic Man

$3.179 per gallon for unleaded gas at Costco.

recognized drive along Ala Moana Boulevard... w/ Waikiki appearing and Ala Moana Beach Park on right. the drive I take most afternoons when I go to the beach to fight the diabetes onslaught w/ -athlon blitzkriege.

recognized Kaka'ako Park. haven't been there in some time. I remember seeing lots of feral cats around the bathroom area. I wonder if lunch wagons still serve food in parking lot. mmmmm. speaking of food... perhaps Grace Park has been piggin' out on plate lunches w/ mac salad and an extra scoop of rice. she looked healthy in this ep.

recognized Monterey Bay Canners. why did producers decide to film there? hmmmm... perhaps Grace Park loves to eat pupus and get some dranks there. again... she looked healthy in this ep. good for her.

recognized Balthazar Getty. I have not seen any celeb sightings. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to purchase kick as camera in case I do see celebs... take pics of them.

did not recognize Pacific Rim Bank. it actually exists. how can I not see it? I drive on Punchbowl on my way to the beach every afternoon.

did not recognize USS Enterprise. actual aircraft carrier? who knows and who cares? awesome peacekeeper vessel.

to Danno, McGarret's sister: a tie? seriously?... Danno: what's up w/ you people and ties?... McGarrets: we're in Hawaii. true that.

shock of the night = University of Maryland winning Hawaii Five-0 marching band contest. surprised Hawaii didn't win considering song played at least once in every UH sporting event... and the way Hawaii votes for its own.

rewind aerial shots of waterfalls several times.

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