26 October, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Ko'olauloa

to Danno, Chin Ho: flip flops. seriously... who says flip flops here?

to Danno, local boy: da kine... no act... shootz. that I've heard.

Kevin Sorbo guest star. 1st Hawaii Five-0 celeb sightings this afternoon at Ala Moana beach. spotted O'Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim filming scene.

Pupukea and Waimea Bay locales flashed on bottom of screen. in that area last week when drove to Laniakea. just remembered how kick ass it be seein' turtles on shore. have to go there during whale season... then take a drive to Makapu'u... hopefully witness horny humpback heat run.

aerial shot of Tripler Hospital w/ city in background = awesome.
aerial shots of mountains = awesome.

capitalism theme in this ep. commercial and urban development vs preserving da aina.

I myself don't understand how some Hawaiian groups want to have a sovereign state w/in this great state. when original Hawaii Five-0 aired... commercial travel affordable... people from mainland want to visit islands. economy and standard of living improved. I hope cycle repeats. tourists bring in currency... more economic development.

I assume many sovereignty sympathizers live in KPT. now... KPT does not have hot water for its residents. if they want to live in past... no hot water back then. can't have it both ways. I myself love the fact Hawaii part of US capitalist and peacekeeper umbrella.

recognized Hilton Hawaiian village. word haole used a lot in Tropics Bar & Grill scene. now... would people take offense if word popolo used a lot?

Grace Park looked really thin. she must have skipped eating some plate lunches.

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