26 October, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 - Crazy Crater Triathlon Filming

current song: Forget You by Cee Lo Green

excited as I left downtown. why? started to rain. rain = empty beach.

when I pulled into Magic Island parking lot... lots of Penske trucks... lots of people... lots of cyclists. other than people involved w/ the production... and the hardcore cylon triathletes... beach was empty.

as I walked to the beach... I saw couple security guys. they told me that Hawaii Five-0 filming a scene. I asked if any celeb sightings. dude's like: yeah... Mike Stevens. I'm like: who's that? he's like: an up and coming local actor. I asked about Grace Park. she wasn't there.

got my swam on. other than hardcore cylons who almost swam into me... water totally empty. swam in the shallows... less than knee high water depth. I hope it rains tomorrow.

at showers... spoke to friend cy(c)lon(e) Andrew. he mentioned that lots of his friends were extras... extras from Boca Hawaii... triathlon training group... different club from his and his cylon posse I see every solar day. he mentioned that his friends got to ride around their bike... possibly be on TV... and earned $200. I will win the Mega Millions.

as I left the showers to head back to my car... I saw Alex O'Loughlin coming out of men's room.

got my ran on. noticed banner that read Crazy Crater Triathlon.

as I ran past the scene... I spotted O'Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim. they and all the extras looked toward my direction... toward the ocean. I'm thinkin': frell... they're all lookin' at my pudge and my cone pecs. I should have flashed a shaka sign.

security dude said that this scene may be on air in a month. still waiting for the Waiola Shave Ice scene I posted a few weeks back to air.

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