18 September, 2010

Wahine Volleyball: #6 Hawaii 3 - BYU 0

current song: Touch Me by Samantha Fox on 93.9 Jamz

single released in 1986. UK #1 24 cycles ago... Don't Leave Me This Way by The Communards.

1st live match of season. arrived at arena late. 1st set done. score made match look competitive. got to seats. in presence of Olympic greatness. saw Robyn Ah Mow Santos. can't believe friends didn't see her until I pointed her out. she sat 3 rows behind and above us. I wanted to take a pic w/ her. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to purchase kick ass camera. Robyn Ah Mow kicks ass.

what the frell happened in the 2nd and 3rd sets? what happened to our former WAC rival? I remember UH would consistently play against BYU for the conference title. I remember a 3+ hour marathon title match. again... what the frell happened?

UH decimated BYU. we hoped for a competitive match. why? so we could drank more beer. very quick match.

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