26 September, 2010

Pac-10 Volleyball: #6 USC 3 - #11 UCLA 1

current song: Use Somebody by Pixie Lott

match frellin' intense. Jupiter kicked ass. Fonoimoana kicked ass. announcers spoke about Fonoimoana's academics. I assumed athletes get special treatment... but since USC = AAU... perhaps not. what's more shocking? USC does not have a backup setter. what if something happens to hottie Kendall Bateman?

thought about former UCLA setter Lauren Cook. she transferred to Nebraska to play for her daddy's team. basically... freshman season = Pac-10 vball... sophomore season = big 12 vball... junior season = big 10 vball. pretty cool.

looking at scores around Pac-10... #15 Oregon upset #7 Washington in 4 sets. surprised? not really. anything can happen in Pac-10. what does surprise me? last season's disastrous Pac-10 performance at the NCAAs.

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