06 September, 2010

Hawaiian Airlines Wahine Volleyball Classic: #10 USC 3 - #4 Hawaii 2

current song: Memories by David Guetta

what the frell happened in the 5th set? blur. UH scored 1st point... USC then scored the next 6. never looked back. Hewitt kicked ass. uber-efficient. Mafua really needs to better the ball and force a set to all her hitters. Danielson must have been spent after this weekend.

announcers kept saying Jupiter over and over again. USC tall and physical. UH relatively short. few inches here and there make big difference when at net or covering court. Mafua should QB a faster offense.

love it when crowd sings state anthem. hopefully these citizens will mobilize and vote for Charles Djou... elect a fiscal conservative to Congress. liberal friends love the administration. gimme a break. they defend the stimulus package as an investment for the country. stimulus? gimme a break. should call it what it is... spending. how can country afford it? I should tell my liberal socialist progressive friends to 'invest' in hybrid vehicles or install photovoltaic systems themselves. I know what their reaction would be. they'd be like: we can't afford it. my point exactly w/ the uncontrolled spending.

anyway... love the local grannies... showin' Aloha by givin' lei to USC players, kissin' them on their foreheads.

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