06 September, 2010

Hawaiian Airlines Wahine Volleyball Classic: #4 Hawaii 3 - New Mexico 0

current song: No Scrubs by TLC on 93.9 Jamz

single released in 1999. UK #1 11 cycles ago... Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega.

New Mexico coach = buffin top. severely non-lean.

highlight = #8 muffin top blond hottie Alex Griffiths. she came in to serve late in set 2. she even served me an ace. hmmm... if Aneli = muffin top... then Griffiths = cake. Griffiths = Ace of Cakes. mmmmm. from the way she looked tonight... Griffiths = 3 tiered cake. mmmmm. ice that Ace of Cakes. eat that Ace of Cakes. mmmmm. love her. she's servin', diggin' and passin' away her diabetes onslaught.

sister's friend came to the establishment to chillax. spotted him on tv several times. he too not impressed w/ Mafua. sure she distributed her sets... but she still set to the outside most of the time. boring. he too surprised that considering Mafua's a senior setter... she sucks donkey ass. from what I watched... she attempted her 1st back set late in the 1st set.

UH lost in 5 sets to #10 USC. will watch that game tomorrow.

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