12 September, 2010

College Football: #7 Oregon 48 - Tennessee 13

current song: The Catalyst by Linkin Park

never bought into idea that defense wins. gimme a break. as I wrote in a previous post... that theory perhaps championed by those who believe in keynesian economics rather than free market principles. who cares about defense? score more points and you win.

Pac-10 offense oriented. bored... did some calculations. for the weekend... Pac-10 teams scored an average of 34 points. this includes UCLA's big fat zero... as opposed to an sec average of 23 points per team. should be interesting to see if any sec visiting team scores 48 points against Tennessee.

I actually preferred watching Tennessee's pro-style offense as compared to Oregon's spread.

in the Pac-10... good week for Stanford. Cardinal leads conference w/ perfect 1-0 record. speaking of Stanford... #2 women's vball team kicked ass. decimated #1 Penn State in 3 sets... snapped Penn State's 109 match win streak. Stanford women should be the new #1 next week.

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