03 September, 2010

College Football: #14 USC 49 - Hawaii 36

current song: Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy

shout out to USC tourist fans: mahalo for coming to the islands... mahalo for spending currency... mahalo for boosting free market economy.

beach relatively empty. good for me. listened to game while driving to gym. Robert Kekaula disgusts me. last time I saw him on tv... he looked stank, dirty, unhealthy, non-lean, diabetic. disgusting. USC leading 20-13.

at gym... several sets showing game. lots of people cheerin' on Hawaii. island pride. I hope all these people rootin' for Hawaii can be mobilized and vote for fiscal conservative Charles Djou in the upcoming election.

awesome offensive game. Pac-10 style football... except for fact Hawaii's not part of the Pac. who cares about defense? don't buy theory that defense wins championships. gimme a break. idea that defense wins games must be from those who think sec best football conference. idea that defense wins games must be from socialist liberal progressives who think keynesian economics better than free market principles. gimme a break.

in end Hawaii lost by 13 points compared to blowouts in past games against USC. moral victory? who cares about those!?! Hawaii can amass yardage. team needs to score more points than its opponent to win.

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