14 August, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - Zero Hour

current song: Won't Go Quietly by Example

unfortunate ep for Japanese researchers. Sea Shepherd terrorists definitely liberal progressive socialists. very anti-business... much like the current administration.

according to terrorist paul watson... the less the Japanese catch, its whaling industry will lose currency... will take a loss. gimme a break. even if the Japanese research less whales than last season it still would want to earn currency. think about the declining delicious tuna supply. tuna industry still earns profits by charging more to consumer. I assume same w/ whaling industry no matter how many whales researched each season.

I read online that Michelle Rodriguez will help the terrorists next season. gimme a break. she can afford to not work several months. I still assume these terrorists must be trust fund kids. either that or they live off the state. will Rodriguez be like va-jay-jay bethune? he's all talk talk talk talk talk... thinkin' he's a bad ass. only wants to get air time. I hope Animal Planet shows him cryin' like a va-jay-jay in Japanese court.

boring ep. no action.

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