21 August, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - Fire In The Sky

current song: Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

the steve irwin terrorists = idiots. paul watson wants to have fun, play games w/ the Japanese. he maneuvers his vessel towards and away from the Nisshin Maru. the terrorists all marvel how paul avoided hitting the main research ship. why attempt to do that in the 1st place?

bethune makes me sick. he only wants air time. he created a 'spud gun' to fire projectiles at the Japanese. he wants to fire blood red paint balls on the Nisshin Maru... splatter the paint all over the word RESEARCH. gimme a break. again... he only wants air time. same w/ Michelle Rodriguez. she will join the terrorist group next season. she plans to be a vegan/vegetarian during the campaign. gimme a break. her leather products come from animals.

I read an article in the Star Advertiser about the shark fin industry's mecca... Hong Kong. tradition to serve shark fin soup to display wealth. younger generation against tradition... but mainland China new middle class can afford to serve shark fin. in a past entry... I wrote that entire shark should be utilized. imagine if we only ate the cow's tail and threw away everything else. if we only ate the cow's tail, it would be expensive... but since every part of cow utilized... beef and by products = inexpensive. I assume this would be the same if entire shark utilized. if shark fin becomes more affordable... then it will not be a sign of wealth... demand would lessen. hmmm... then perhaps another animal would take its place on Chinese dinner tables... like tiger or rhino. anyway... entire shark should be used. imagine all the different products that could be made from shark skin... like amazing swimming or diving apparel.

terrorists plan to carry out plan to splatter blood red paint over the word RESEARCH. pilot Aultman gets his helicopter ready for take off to see terrorist attack from above. drama when Japanese research vessels approach... attempt to spray salt water on aircraft w/ the water cannons. I wanted to see the helicopter get hit. bob barker foiled all attempts. damn you bob barker.

delta boat goes close to one of the research vessels. bethune shoots butyric acid. Japanese fire something back at the terrorists. rewind. too bad the Japanese didn't use the harpoon on the delta boat. delta boat driver makes me sick. he's like: boo hoo... we're only 4 people in a small boat... and we're up against a big boat... boo hoo. can't have it both ways va-jay-jay. can't attack and not expect retaliation. gimme a break.

bethune manages to splatter blood red paint all over the Nisshin Maru. I hope the Japanese leave the paint on. they'd be like: big deal... so we got red paint all over our main research ship.

the Japanese should have researched whales even if the whales could not be transferred to the Nisshin Maru for further study. if all 5 vessels researched at the same time, then at least a few whales could be transferred to the Nisshin Maru. regardless of how many whales the Japanese research each season... I assume Japanese still make a profit from the research.

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