07 August, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - A Bloody Trail

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steve irwin ineffective in this campaign. frell... at the end of last whaling season... useless as well. Japanese researched whales right in front of them. the sea shepherd terrorists in port should stay in port.

Chris Aultman wants to fix the helicopter. paul watson wants bethune to remain behind... work the media. bethune wants to board one of the Japanese research vessels. for what purpose? corporate sponsorship? will Animal Planet air clips of bethune's trial in Japan? would show air him cryin' like a va-jay-jay?

sea shepherd flew in helicopter mechanic from the US. no qualified mechanic in all of Australia? helicopter fixed. terrorists want bethune to sky dive from helicopter on to Japanese research ship. ratings. 1 terrorist... w/ sky diving experience... shows bethune how it should be done. w/ helicopter 3,000 feet above.... he lands safely on to steve irwin deck. pretty cool.

bob barker tryin' to find Nisshin Maru... amazing research ship. bob barker weathered the storm. boooo! hisss! bob barker made its way to Arctic ice shelf. radio silence on vessel. terrorists listenin' in on Japanese researchers. the spot whales spoutin'. I do miss seeing humpback whale activity here in the islands.

terrorists' ooooos and aaaahs turn into anger... disgust. whale organs and guts spotted. Japanese researched the great beasts. Nisshin Maru in distance. bob barker terrorists mobilize. practice their throwin' butyric acid skiz-ills. some projectiles land in ocean... polluting mamma Earth.

bob barker gainin' on Nisshin. the other Japanese research vessels come to rescue their muthaship... gainin' on bob barker. Nisshin slows down... turns... heads toward its sister research vessels... bob barker does the same.

the Japanese support vessels = amazing. 200 ft long... 7 knots faster than bob barker... 50 cycles younger. does Japan still manufacture research vessels? vessels extremely maneuverable to research whales. if so, after 50 cycles of R&D... modern ships would be more amazing. US peacekeerers should get a hold of its technology. imagine one of our many USS aircraft carriers movin' like a Japanese research vessel. would be able to avoid untested chinese aircraft carrier weapon.

Japanese support vessels basically do circles around bob barker while Nisshin speeds ahead. brilliant. very dramatic. bug eyed. music even makes it more dramatic. rewind. Japanese support vessels equipped w/ what I would call a ship bumper... except these bumpers can pierce metal. bob barker waits for opening. plan to speed ahead. nope. crashes into Japanese research vessel. bob barker has hole in hull. rewind.

peter hammarstedt slipped. at one point in this ep, he's like: ady gil collided w/ Shonan Maru #2. he should have said that Shonan Maru #2 collided w/ ady gil.

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