01 August, 2010

KDrama - Coffee House

current song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

watched drama cuz 1st few eps pretty funny. realized been watching O'Reilly Factor late at night instead of talk shows. miss Conan. miss Coco(a). w/ democrats bankrupting this great country... needed a few laughs.

Nissan must have been big sponsor. towards end... lots of shots of Nissan models. models don't look new... but perhaps newly introduced in Korea. Korea fascinates me. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to travel to Seoul and Jeju island.

Koreans very Western... or at least portrayed... to be very Western. from coffee making... to wine drinking... to wedding ceremony. latest goods and merchandise all on display. as I've written in previous posts... love the capitalist society.

grossed out from several meal scenes. all the sharing of bacteria. then again... immune systems must be stronger after being exposed to bacteria. hmmm... just remembered the fake H1N1 virus. as I've written in my haikus... brilliant propaganda by this administration to distract public from its policies that will ruin this great country.

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