30 August, 2010

Chevron Wahine Volleyball Invitational: #5 Hawaii 3 - #16 UCLA 1

current song: Dynamite by Taio Cruz

Hawaii remains perfect at 3-0 after winning its match against UCLA. Mafua QBed a predictable offense... but a win is a win.

Ka'aihue... w/ her serious quads and glutes = diggin' machine.

Hewitt got some swagger this season. hopefully my feelings toward her will not change as the cycles go by. I used to love Kaufman until friend Aria pointed out Kaufman's cuntitude. all downhill from there. as I wrote in last night's post... I kinda miss Kaufman's mood swings.

#10 USC comes to town this weekend. USC's 14th ranked football teams will also be in the islands. hopefully UH victorious in both sports.

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