29 August, 2010

Chevron Wahine Volleyball Invitational: #5 Hawaii 3 - Kansas State 0

current song: Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz on hot 93.9 fm

single released in 2009. UK #1 1 cycle ago... Sexy Bitch by David Guetta.

from what I watched... senior setter Mafua kinda mixin' it up. sure most of her sets went to the outside... but she forced her middles to hit.

kinda got into match. if HI player got roofed... instinctively yelled out 'bitch' or 'cunt' to the opposing players. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to watch a Wahine match at the arena. I have to behave. can't be yellin' those wonderful words w/ children around.

kinda miss my muffin top hottie Aneli. miss seein' her jiggle. miss when she has her hair in a braid and seein' it whip like a scorpion tail. actually kinda miss Amber w/ her mood swings.

love Hewitt. totally dominated the net for 2nd night in row. how will she compete w/ the tall blond goddesses from UCLA? go Bows!

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