28 August, 2010

Blood Dolphins - Return To Taiji

current song: When Love Takes Over by David Guetta

single released in 2009. UK #1 1 cycle ago... Sexy Bitch by David Guetta.

don't understand how an American hopes to change Japanese society by telling the Japanese killing dolphins is wrong. if a devout Indian Hindu came to America... to film a documentary about the slaughter of millions of cows annually... I'd be like: shut the frell up... don't tell to become vegan... not wear leather or eat cow meat. beef, pastrami... mmmmm.

interesting watching the Japanese capture the dolphins. scientists take part in the hunt for selective capture. prized dolphins bought for at least $150,000 to be shipped to aquariums and sea parks. I wouldn't be surprised if our peacekeepers bought some of these dolphins for peacekeeper service. peacekeeper dolphins can be trained to locate mines. amazing.

after the scientists take their dolphins... the rest are killed for consumption. now... I assume all parts of dolphin utilized. do the Japanese make dolphin leather? do the Japanese make cosmetics from dolphin oil?

another Japanese city... Futo... did away w/ dolphin hunting cycles ago. thriving tourist industry brings more currency to the city than dolphin hunting. gotta love the market economy.

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