04 July, 2010

Wimbledon - Rafael Nadal

current song: We No Speak Americano by Marco Calliari

assumed Federer would play in the final. nope. shocked the other night when I read online he lost in the quarterfinals. beat from last night... got up very late this a.m. worth it. checked results online. Nadal won his 2nd Wimbledon title.

hoped Nadal's opponent would be 1 hand backhander. nope. disappointing. tried to get into match. couldn't. what's up w/ Nadal constantly digging his shorts out of his crack? from behind... it looks like he's sniffin' his fingers.

highlight = Travelers commercial.

will China start to develop 1 hand backhanders to dominate tennis?

Nadal earned 1 million pounds. awesome. I will win the Mega Millions. I will become an instant millionaire.

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