10 July, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - The Thrill Of The Chase

current song: Chica Bomb by Dan Balan

Bob Barker 4 miles from awesome floating factory... the Nisshin Maru. Paul Watson's vessel 1,200 miles away. off camera, he's probably like: if we're not there... they're killin' whales. please. last season the Japanese did so right in front of them.

Benjamin Potts disgusts me. he wants to send the Nisshin Maru down to the bottom of the ocean. what a hypocrite. he has no problems being on board the Bob Barker... a Norwegian whaling vessel. I assume Pottsy wouldn't have any problems if environmentalists decided to convert the Auschwitz crematoria into an incineration plant.

Amber Paarman = cook. she disgusts me as well. previous ep mentioned terrorists all vegetarians. hmmm... perhaps only during their campaign. they are so animal-centric. how dare they kill plants for nourishment.

Nisshin Maru = amazing. harpoon ships transfer whales to floating factory. crew of 150 run vessel smoothly. in 1 solar day... 10 whales can be researched and then processed for food.

Peter Bethune and his Ady Gil crew very confident. fire butyric acid aboard Nisshin Maru. stank bombs hit ship. Animal Planet only films the terrorists' point of view. now... wouldn't Japanese industry invent a butyric acid cleanser? hmmm... perhaps Japanese chemists working on that now.

Japanese engineers must have improved Nisshin Maru. huge vessel kept distancing itself from the Bob Barker. oh... Bob Barker engineer = brother of terrorist. is he really an engineer or did he just want to be on TV to get popular and recreate w/ the ladies/men?

Ady Gil has to prop foul Nisshin Maru. gimme a break. it'd be like dental floss stopping a semi. prop fouler doesn't work. Bob Barker right behind Nisshin Maru. now Bob Barker has to be on look out for being frelled from their own prop fouler. morons.

towards end of ep... 2nd prop fouler attempt appears to be successful. Nisshin Maru comes to stop. but... 4 harpoon ships nearby.

next week's preview showed 1 harpoon ship smashing into Ady Gil. rewind several times.

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