24 July, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - Revenge Is Mine

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Sea Shepherd terrorists' logic confuse me. they polluted the environment by leaving the Ady Gil to sink to ocean bottom. one terrorist explains: blah blah blah... but we made sure we properly disposed of hazardous materials. gimme a break. I really don't understand environmentalists. I have friends who like to recycle. they're like: ooooo... I have to recycle my water bottles and soda cans. gimme a break. if they were really environmentalists... wouldn't they not want to generate trash in the 1st place? what's wrong w/ tap water? I myself love to drank.

pilot Chris Aultman flies his helicopter to hopefully spot the awesome factory ship. he thought he spotted the vessel... turned out to be a flipped ice berg. pretty cool. bottom... now top ice... covered in algae. looked like green carpet. pretty cool.

helicopter makes a funny sound... something wrong w/ it. Aultman decides to ground craft until inspected and repaired. he wants to head back to port to fix his baby. they'll be 'outta the game' for 21 solar days. in my opinion... heading back to port doesn't make sense.

Peter Bethune cracks me up. he pretends to be a macho man. he volunteers to board one of the awesome Japanese harpoon ships. he asks the Bob Barker's captain for Sea Shepherd to pay for his legal fees and for his flight home. I know at trial he cried like a va-jay-jay. I thought Sea Shepherd abandoned him. did that terrorist organization actually pay for his legals fees and plane ticket? gotta look this up. Bethune claims that he's doing this for the whales. please. he's just pissed harpoon vessel rammed into his precious Ady Gil.

Bob Barker fresh water container leaked. lost 90% of their fresh water. they go ice berg hunting. they're like: ooooo... this water is 2000 cycles old. got me thinkin': if these hypocrite environmentalists really cared for the Earth... wouldn't they only use water for drinking and cooking? if they know how precious water is... why do they waste water for showering?

pretty boring ep. got irked watching all these terrorists who pretend to be environmentalists. too bad they don't have a passion for the US economy. they should protest against our huge deficits and government spending. I miss having a GOP Congress that helped create a surplus during the Clinton era. frell... I miss having a Republican President and democrat controlled Congress w/ deficits in the hundreds of billions of dollars like the Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 eras. now... w/ democrats in control of the executive and legislative branches... this great country has deficits in the trillions.

Japan set to research 50 humpback whales. seen these gentle beasts at Ala Moana Beach waters. what do they taste like?

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