31 July, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - Ready To Snap

current song: We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP

boring ep. poor Mike Smith... Ady Gil crew member... stuck on Bob Barker since Ady Gil destroyed by Japanese research vessel. he only planned to help w/ the terrorist campaign for a few weeks... go back home to care for his daughter... and report back to work or else he would lose his job. what? a terrorist w/ a job? I assumed they all had trust funds. in words of Jenny McCarthy... when she guest starred on Two and a Half Men: you know what they say about assuming... when you assume... you're just a bitch.

sick of Peter Hammarstedt. he irks me. he constantly refers to the whales as his clients. gimme a break. he really doesn't care about Mike Smith's situation.

shame on the Discovery Channel. w/ its resources it could have helped Mike Smith out. nope. need the drama for ratings.

I still don't buy the terrorist belief that while they're down there they're making a difference. they do not know the amazing factory ship's location. even if they did... the Japanese would research whales right in front of them like how they did last season.

hmmm... thinking about Mike Smith... I doubt his company would fire him. bad publicity. even if company did fire him... other companies would hire him. hmmm... just thought of our stupid government's trillion dollar spending program to create jobs. what a waste of currency. I really do hope the GOP takes control of Congress. fiscal conservatives will help turn deficit into surplus.

terrorist campaign frelled. helicopter frelled. engineer miscalculated the amount of fuel use... Bob Barker low on fuel. Sea Shepherd ships meet to transfer supplies. weak french allow terrorists into their island controlled territory... Japanese vessel denied entry. how respectful of Japan.

to make room on decks... inflatable boats put into water. wind picks up... boats frelled. basically... 1 inflatable connected to Sea Shepherd vessel... and 2nd inflatable connected to other inflatable. line between inflatables snapped... $100K speed boat adrift. please. as if that speed boat doesn't have GPS. expensive boat located... close to rocky island shore. instead of towing expensive boat out of the rocky area... driver guns engine. propeller frelled. so... terrorists only have 1 working speed boat.

1 vessel heads back to port to drop of Mike Smith and get helicopter fixed. 2nd vessel resumes hunt for factory ship. huge storm. instead of waiting for storm to pass... they go straight into it.

I assumed this ep would be the ep where cry baby Bethune boarded a Japanese research vessel. nope.

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