07 July, 2010

Stanford - Director's Cup Winner

current song: Amazing by INNA

another season... another cycle of dominance in overall sports. 3 Pac-10 institutions... 30% of conference... all AAU members... in top 10. 7 Pac-10 schools... 70% of the league... in top 24. no other conference comes close in top to bottom athletic dominance.

w/ conference expansion... more currency. I will win the Mega Millions. w/ more currency, will that translate into more NCAA titles or higher finishes in the Director's Cup? other conferences make more currency... other non-conference schools have larger athletic budgets... but less NCAA titles and schools placing in the Director's Cup top 25. will that be the same for the Pac-10 or will conference continue to dominate in the future?

Deutschland! prove Paul the octopus wrong! blitzkrieg Spain!

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