04 July, 2010

Pac-10: 8 NCAA Championships in 2009-2010

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Aloha Tower fireworks = cool. standard red, white and blue explosions. pretty cool shapes too... happy faces, stars, flowers. Ala Moana should be crazier tomorrow than this afternoon.

the Pac-10 kicked ass this athletic season. 8 NCAA titles. tied for most in the country w/ the ACC. how to write this post in Pac-10's favor? w/ 10 schools in the Pac-10 vs 12 schools in the ACC... the Pac-10 won 0.80 vs 0.66 NCAA championships per school this cycle. the Pac-10 also earned 14 2nd place finishes. w/ 99 championships... Stanford should be the 2nd Pac-10 university to reach 100 NCAA titles next cycle.

soon... Colorado and Utah will add over 40+ NCAA titles to the conference. most of its titles come from skiing. how will those schools compete in the Pac-10? how will they rank in the director's cup? with conference expansion... more currency for the schools. will that translate into more titles? speaking of currency... I will win the Mega Millions.

hopefully the Pac-10 will sweep vball and aquatic titles next season. Pac-10 vball begins in a couple months.

since I started this blog... the Pac-10 has won 32 NCAA titles over 3 seasons... almost 11 championships per cycle. dominance.

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