11 July, 2010

KDrama - Queen Of Housewives

current song: I Like It by Enrique Iglesias

read synopsis that this KDrama about extra-marital affair.

popular high school girl who got all the boys' attention now housewife... who makes fake handbags... married to unemployed husband. her unpopular friend w/ huge mole now married to executive who works for huge company. popular now poor girl helps her husband get into that company and he works as a trainee. relationship between the 2 former high school BFFs kinda funny. lots of yelling and flashbacks. lots of daydreaming where they beat each other up. and of course more yelling.

women all sekis. all wives of executives. they all want to out do each other. basically keeping up with the Kims. should I have written Joneses?

anyway... affair supposed to have been between husband trainee and the company's President's wife. no affair. just a hug in the company's elevator. I still wonder if hugging on a KDrama = recreation. I did not see any affair except for that hug.

kinda funny drama. televised 1 cycle ago in Korea. towards the end... 1/3 of the country watched series. as I wrote in a previous post... amazed w/ all the corporate plugs... all the latest in Korean goods, merchandise and products for world to see. fascinated w/ this Western capitalist society.

I will win the Mega Millions and travel to SoKo one solar day.

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