05 July, 2010

KDrama - Princess Prosecutor / Prosecutor Princess

current song: Riverside by Sidney Samson

highlight of drama = Yang Hee Kyung... who played lead actress oma. muffin top. mmmmm. and she's always yellin'.

speaking of lead actress... Kim So Yun = hot. I only saw her star in All About Eve where she played a hot seki. cycles ago.

from watching On Air... I learned the KDramas plug various products, merchandise and goods... to help pay for costs. all the latest in fashion, interior design, electronic gadgets, etc. amazing. I mentioned I last saw Kim So Yun in All About Eve. Korea has advanced in a few cycles. coolest plug = electronic book.

I noticed in this KDrama different songs from Korean artists. I assume KDramas have accompanying soundtracks for sale. love Korea's capitalistic society. when I win the Mega Millions... I will win currency to travel to Seoul and Jeju Island.

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