19 July, 2010

AVP Hermosa Beach - Dalhausser/Rogers

current song: Silence by Delerium

Dalhausser... the thin Beijing beast... dominated. for match... 11 kills, 11 blocks. 22 points. he basically won 1 set for his team. awesome. frellin' awesome.

Dalhausser & Rogers won against 6'1" Mayer & 6'7" Prosser. thin Beijing beast made them look like midgets. Mayer & Prosser challenged thin Beijing beast's block. kept getting roofed. they must have both hit for negative hitting percentages. they should have mixed it up. then again... professor Rogers = diggin' machine.

I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to see AVP tournaments. when I do win the Mega Millions... gonna fly out to San Francisco open. hottie Kerri Walsh expected to play.

lean bods inspire me... know it has to come from w/in... to get lean. pudge now officially small gut. illegal for me to go shirtless in all coastal states excluding Gulf states. they need tourists.

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