26 June, 2010

Whale Wars 3 - Stealth Attack

current song: When Love Takes Over by David Guetta

1st full ep I watched this season. loathe Sea Shepherd. loathe environmentalists. they're like: look at the Gulf oil disaster... we should stop drilling for oil. gimme a break. when there's another coal mine disaster... does that mean all coal mining should stop as well? I love energy consumption.

Ady Gil = joke. its captain... Peter Bethune = UH football coach McMackin = cry baby = McMackin's favorite word = faggot. Bethune thinks he's a bad ass w/ his shaved head and tatoos. in Japanese court... cried like a girl... sentenced to 2 cycles in prison.

in this ep... Ady Gil attempts to prop foul Shonan Maru #2. also they have a 'spud gun' which the terrorists used to try to take out the Shonan Maru #2's radar and communication systems.

Paul Watson wants to do that crazy Ivan maneuver. big deal. ship can't lose Shonan Maru #2... has to go back to Australia. Ady Gil forgot to restock. what idiots. then again they are environmentalists.

Bob Barker = ice breaker = old Norwegian whaling vessel. terrorists think this is cool. gimme a break. it's like modernizing the Auschwitz crematoria and converting it into an incineration plant.

Peter Hammarstedt makes me sick. he's like: we have one thing the Japanese don't have... the drive... blah blah blah. Japanese also have something that drives them. currency. I will win the Mega Millions. oh... Bethune has hi-tech archery equipment. he wants to lace the arrows w/ butyric acid... shoot arrows into freshly killed whales. what a waste of a whale. wouldn't the Japanese just kill another whale to make up for the tainted whale?

also watched the fiscal conservative channel... FOX news... during commercial breaks. this great country will be in ruins w/ the financial regulation. we're becoming like Europe. Europe makes me sick. they ask for our help to bail out Greece. CA and NY have debt problems... those state economies much larger than that of Greece. did those states ask Europe for help? gimme a break.

Bob Barker captain Chuck Swift... gotta respect him. he knows what he's doing. he managed to find the Nisshin Maru.

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