06 June, 2010

California - Intercollegiate Rowing Association Champion

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NCAA does not sponsor men's rowing. w/ victory in varsity 8... Cal won the IRA won national title. Pac-10 rival Washington accumulated the most most over the weekend. I will win the Mega Millions. once I do... I will by myself an ancient Toyota Previa... surfboard along w/ stand up paddle gear... and 1 man kayak.

NCAA baseball and softball tournaments continue. disastrous solar day for Pac-10 in baseball. how many teams will make it to the super regionals? who knows? Cal and Stanford already eliminated. 4 other teams need to win 2x. as of this entry... only ASU and UCLA remained perfect over the weekend. I think of Pac-10's disastrous NCAA vball performance this past fall.

in softball... UCLA needs to win 1 game, while Arizona needs to win 2... to qualify for the finals. hmmm... perhaps sec will finally win a softball national title. w/ all the currency the sec earns, 1 would think that conference would sponsor more sports... win more NCAA titles.

Pac-10 commissioner will speak to media tomorrow. conference perfect as is. rumors of adding 6 big 12 schools. if so... damn... who knows how many NCAA titles new conference would win each season?

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