01 June, 2010

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 48 - Cardio 0

current song: Feeling Good by Michael Buble

dranks victory for 2nd month in a row. disappointed considering all the cardio I did. will be going to mainland in a week. will be stayin' at friend Althea's establishment. establishment irreversibly contaminated. plan to pig out. I know I can exercise at any of the 24 Hour Fitness locations there... but frell it. pig out. hopefully weight gain will not all go into pudge... turning it into a gut. gonna be spillin' outta my swim shorts when I get back. call me GOD... gulf oil disaster. hopefully I'll have access to a computer to update and track my Spartakiad 8 numbers... see how numbers get worse each solar day w/out exercise. cardio blitzkrieg until I leave... cardio blitzkrieg when I return until the end of month.

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