28 June, 2010

AVP Belmar - Kessy/Ross

current song: We No Speak Americano by Marco Calliari

quick match. mini-muffin tops decimated Scott and Youngs. w/ her 1st place finish... Kessy now earned over $1 million from tournament play. I thought she accomplished that w/ last week's win. to date... EY earned $1.8 million. it seemed like yesterday she just passed $1 million. how much do they make from endorsements? match ended w/ EY serving into net. boooo! hisss!

would have lived a sedentary life this afternoon if friend Aria didn't pick me up to go to the beach. she knows that I will win the Mega Millions. I would still want to work to get medical coverage. we'd just have to fly out Thursday nights to the mainland for AVP tournaments. we both can't wait until Pac-10 vball starts.

too bad men's finals not televised. totally different game. local boy Sean Scott and his partner placed 2nd.

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