26 May, 2010

USC - NCAA Men's Tennis Champions

current song: Guns and Horses by Ellie Goulding

6 out of 7 Pac-10 teams made it to the NCAAs. very efficient. USC won its 2nd consecutive championship... 18th overall. USC also getting closer to 100 NCAA titles. w/ Stanford winning the women's title... Pac-10 tennis sweep. men's and women's national championship teams victorious over SEC foes. unlike football and its mythical championship based on currency... I will win the Mega Millions... any Pac-10 school, given the opportunity will be victorious uber Alles.

8 Pac-10 men's golf teams... most from all conferences... will compete yet for another national title this season. so far Pac-10 has won 7 NCAA championships this academic/athletic cycle. top to bottom... Pac-10 should also dominate the director's cup.

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