20 May, 2010

Lost 6 - What They Died For

current song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

should look at bigger picture... but can't get past small details. towards end of ep... Jacob takes Jack to the light... or the heart of the island. Jacob gives Jack cup of water... Jack drinks water... now he is like Jacob. that simple? gimme a frellin' break. why could Jacob leave the island to touch or recruit his replacements while bad ass smoke monster Locke can't? I seriously need to check out lostpedia.com after the series finale.

coolest scene = Zoe's death. Locke starts conversation w/ Zoe. Whidmore's like: don't say anything. Locke slits her throat. rewind several times. couldn't stand Zoe. killed off in a much cooler way compared to Ilana's explosion.

recognized no familiar places.

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