16 May, 2010

Lost 6 - Across The Sea

current song: World In Motion by New Order

this week's Time mentioned Lostpedia.com. I should check out site after series finale.

Allison Janney... actress from West Wing... killed Jacob and his twin's mamma soon after giving birth to them. never watched West Wing... but I picture her to be liberal democrat. one of Lost's themes = good vs evil. when I watch this Tuesday's ep... I'll think about good republicans vs evil democrats.

no familiar local scenes. kick ass shot of honu on beach. rewind.

ep made no sense to me. young man in black sees his birth mamma Claudia. he's like: why can't Jacob see you? Claudia: because I'm dead. that explains everything.

by drinking liquid Jacob takes responsibility of island? that simple? gimme a break.

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