26 May, 2010

American Idol 9 - Finale

current song: God Is A DJ by Faithless

single released in 1998. UK #1 12 cycles ago... Feel It by Tamperer.

Round 1 - Contestant's Choice
Lee DeWyze. don't care for song choice. performance not bad. Simon: this is a big night... I would expect more passion, excitement from you... I like my kiss on the lips, not on the cheek.

Crystal Bowersox. don't care for song choice. performance not bad. Simon: I'm brought back to the time we all fell in love w/ you... this is you back on your best... got a competition tonight.

no fave.

Round 2 - Simon Fuller's Choice
Lee DeWyze. I'm not feelin' it. perhaps because I can't stand REM. choir a bit too much. Simon: I thought brilliant song choice for you... off melody in some parts... you're nervous... you have to come out 10 out of 10 in your next performance. true that.

Crystal Bowersox. love song choice... Black Velvet by Alannah Myles. Nazi color scheme... red lights... her pale skin in slimming black, perhaps velvet, dress... mesmerized me. muffin top gone... but her hips don't lie. passionate. damn. Simon: I gotta problem because I'm allergic to this song... heard people murder it... you took song and you nailed it... impressed... really good. true that.

Crystal = round 2 fave.

Round 3 - Winner's Song
Lee DeWyze. okay song. I have a problem nowadays w/ U2... hypocrites who preach to planet messages that they don't practice. band's like: save the planet. at same time imagine all the environmental damage they cause while on tour. what's your carbon footprint Bono? okay performance. Simon: you made the most of it... but final time for me being a judge on this show... this is what competition designed for... you need a break... I genuinely wish the best for you.

Crystal Bowersox. thought she would sing same song. nope. 1st time winner's song different. pretty cool. at least planet won't have to listen to awful song written by Kara. song choice unfamiliar. would be different hearing this on radio. pretty good performance. Simon: thought that was by far the best performance and song of the night... that was outstanding.

Crystal = round 3 fave.

Crystal my fave for the finale.

now... looking back at my AI9 entries... over the season... including tonight... Lee my fave for 4 nights vs Crystal my fave for 3 nights. they haven't been in the bottom for the results shows. has this happened before on Idol?

so close. who will win? love them both. if I have to predict one... based on faves... it will be Lee.

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