19 May, 2010

American Idol 9 - Contestants' Choice & Judges' Choice

current song: Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aguilera

Round 1 - Contestants' Choice
Casey James. Mr. monotone. tried to fake emotion by closing his eyes... pretending to be passionate... tryin' to be soulful. unfamiliar song choice. fast forward. Simon: not going great... most important night in your life... no lasting effect on audience.

Crystal Bowersox. harmonica = hot. she has a talented mouth. mmmmm. she's feelin' it. I'm feelin' it. hot. Simon: not most stunning version... what I like about you from the start to semifinal, you haven't compromised yourself as an artist... I respect that... right song choice... congratulations.

Lee DeWyze. not familiar w/ song. not bad. Simon: song choice okay... that song on the money... you owned round 1... you crushed the competition.

Crystal = round 1 fave. all contestants worked their guitar skizills. she stood out for me because song choice familiar and she used that talented mouth of hers to one up the boys by playin' the harmonica.

Round 2 - Judges' Choice
Casey James. again Mr. monotone tried to fake emotion by closing his eyes... tryin' to look passionate... tryin' to sound soulful. nope. boring. poor song choice. boring. played the guitar better than singing the song. Simon: much better song choice than the 1st... lazy arrangement... climax was a limp guitar solo... I hold these 2 (Kara and Randy) responsible to give you a much better vocal moment. true that.

Crystal Bowersox. Ellen picked Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney. can Ellen produce? total opposite performance from Mr. monotone. good song choice. Crystal looked hot w/ her knee high leather boots. where did her muffin top go? black is slimmin'. she should have sang the entire song on stage and own it. pretty good. Simon: you should be thanking Ellen for putting you in the final. true that.

Lee DeWyze. if Simon picked song for Mr. monotone, would it have made a difference? who knows? familiar w/ song from X Factor 5. Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke winner's single and 2008 UK Christmas #1. Lee had soulful performance. X Factor style performance w/ backup singers. Simon: very proud of you... terrific singer... great person... I hope you make it far.

Lee = round 2 fave. damn.

after watchin' recaps... Lee overall fave performance for the night.

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