10 May, 2010

Amazing Race 16 - Dan & Jordan

current song: Te Amo by Rihanna

Candlestick Park in San Francisco = final pit stop. pic from wikipedia.org. if I had won my $266 million Mega Millions jackpot last week... I would have been in the Bay Area witnessing Stanford win its 2nd NCAA men's vball title.

when Dan & Jordan cut in front of cowboy bros Jet & Cord at the airport... bug eyed. dirty move. Dan & Jordan also managed to move from coach to first class in midair. sneaky. as long as I can remember... teams cannot buy 1st class tickets... but 1st time team actually requested to move to 1st class in air. huge advantage... off plane 1st... ahead of other teams. if Dan & Jordan received penalty at pit stop for flying in 1st class... then perhaps Jet & Cord would have won... but that would have been a funky ending.

ending funky anyway... w/ the lesbians still sore about being U-turned by Caite and such. lesbians claim to be smarter than some dumb blond pageant bimbo. lesbians didn't show any intelligence at the end. poor sportsmanship. ugly ending. Caite diffused situation. she's like: I love y'all.

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