25 May, 2010

24: Series Finale - 15:00 to 16:00

current song: Black & Gold by Sam Sparro

funniest scene = Jack ordering Chloe to shoot him. Chloe regains consciousness... uses psychology to get Jack to lower weapon. she's like: you're gonna start a war in Renee's name? Jack knows about the shoot to kill order. Chloe needs to shoot him. he's like: we're running outta time... shoot!... we're runnin' outta time... shoot!... we're runnin' outta time. how many times has he said "we're running outta time" the past 8 seasons? he points his own gun to his head... Chloe shoots him. Chloe: I shot my friend. rewind.

coolest scene = Jack biting off part of Pillar's ear and spitting out flesh. rewind.

Taylor did the right thing. whew. did not sign peace accord. must have been moved by what Jack said in his recording to his hot daughter. Taylor admitted her involvement in conspiracy to UN. sad to see her go down.

weakest killing = Logan shooting unconscious Pillar in head.

hottest scene = Pillar's hot blond assistant protesting to Chloe as she's taken into custody.

most moving scene = Chloe and Jack saying their goodbyes. drone locates Jack. Taylor lets him go. to Chloe, Jack: when you 1st came to CTU... I didn't think it would be you who would have my back all this time. awwww. rewind.

hottest line = Chloe: bring the drone back to base. damn... still talkin' dirty techie.

KHON anchor Joe Moore moved to tears.

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